Empanelled Doctors

Our core stakeholder, Empanelled Doctor of Doc24Hr, will have the opportunity to interact with the registered patient through our Digital Platform.

Empanelled Doctors have the following advantages:

  • It’s the need of hour for Doctors to Go Digital
  • Government encourages the Doctors to also adopt telemedicine practices through digital mode
  • Utilizing their active as well as passive time as per the requirement
  • Advantage to connect to registered patient via digital mode
  • Option to connect to the registered patient from their clinic as well as home
  • Opportunity to reach to rural, remote and untapped area of different State on pan India basis
  • Expands access to care and reaches to more patients
  • Minimize their cost by adopting the our digital platform
  • Opportunity to serve the underprivileged people to semi urban and rural area
  • Opens a NEW SOURCE OF REVENUE by working together with Doc24Hr
  • Telemedicine provides a competitive advantage, attracting and retaining more patients.
  • Telemedicine is less time-consuming, both for the patient and doctor
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